May 31 - Sourdough Desserts [6:00 PM]

May 31 - Sourdough Desserts [6:00 PM]

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Do you love the benefits of fermented sourdough bread but wish there were more desserts that had the same fermented benefits? Wait no longer as we are proud to offer the most delicious Sourdough Desserts Class.

We will be demonstrating how to make incredible berry cheesecake cookies, mouthwatering baked doughnuts and a delicious layered cake sure to impress everyone. This three hour class will be filled with tons of tips and tricks to master delicious sourdough desserts that are also easier for your body to digest. Come ready to sample all of these tasty treats as well as some light appetizers.

You will leave this class with the knowledge and recipes to make these desserts yourself. More importantly, you will gain the confidence to make your own sourdough desserts that are delicious, unique, and healthier for your loved ones.

About your instructor: Nadia Granchukoff loves all things food and food projects. When her husband got sick and needed a change, she did a deep dive into what was actually in the "food" they were eating. After making big changes she realized that food can be the greatest medicine. Join her as she shares her favorite recipes and approach to clean eating.

Location and other details:

  • In person: 3575 Bankhead Road, Loomis CA
  • Please note there are no refunds or exchanges for classes. Review the full policy when signing up.
  • Kids age 12 and above are welcome with their own ticket and accompanied by an adult.