Jun 17 - Fast Dinners on a Budget [6:30 PM]

Jun 17 - Fast Dinners on a Budget [6:30 PM]

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Summer is a great time to travel to the lake, ocean, go on a hike, or explore somewhere new. Inevitably, even many of the most health-conscious families surrender to the closest drive-through because, frankly, everyone is starving, cranky, and hot. Well, what if there was another option?

In this class, we will learn how to make delicious quick full meals that you can pack in a cooler bag or prepare for your family faster than a traveling toddler’s tantrum.

Have I mentioned that it will not only be faster and healthier than fast-food, but cheaper too? Why not make your next trip something even more special by making fast meals on a budget? Ditch the junk food and say hello to amazing, fresh, healthy on-the-go budget friendly meals.

Join us for a class where we will go over the concept of shopping our pantries/fridges/freezers first to make quick and easy meals that are delicious, fast, and, most importantly, will be versatile enough that even the pickiest kiddo will be enticed with several nutritions options. Thankfully, these on the go meals won't break the bank.

Come hungry as we will have real- time demonstrations for you to see just how quick and simple these meals can be. You will also receive a copy of our family favorite healthy meals that are super fast to put together.

The Menu:

Thai Spring Roll Bowls with Peanut Sweet Chili Sauce

Greek Chicken Salad Bowls with Zesty Lemon/Feta Dressing

Tex Mex Protein Bowls with Cilantro/Lime Dressing

Philly Cheese Steak Bowls

About your instructor: Nadia Granchukoff loves all things food and food projects. When her husband got sick and needed a change, she did a deep dive into what was actually in the "food" they were eating. After making big changes she realized that food can be the greatest medicine. Join her as she shares her favorite recipes and approach to clean eating.

Location and other details:

  • In person: 3575 Bankhead Road, Loomis CA
  • Please note there are no refunds or exchanges for classes. Review the full policy when signing up.
  • Kids age 12 and above are welcome with their own ticket and accompanied by an adult.