Gut Repair Box

Gut Repair Box

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Contains: RepairVite SE, APO STOM, Ultra Flora Balance, SpectraZyme Complete

RepairVite SE - This great tasting powder (mix with water or juice) is a powerful gut lining healer for those that struggle with digestive issues and inflammation.  It is packed with L-Glutamine, Zinc Carnosine as well as a blend of enzymes to help heal the gut. 

APO STOM - This is an incredible Homeopathic remedy that is used to support digestive function.   I have used it for years to support clients (adults and kids)  healing from Leaky Gut, gastritis, digestive gas/pressure/cramps/burning, etc.  This is in drop form and is to be mixed with a small amount of water.

Ultra Flora Balance - My FAVORITE probiotic!  This dairy free blend of highly viable, pure strains of L. Acidophilus NCFM and B. Lactis Bi-07  is a combo of friendly gut bacteria that have been shown to support a healthy intestinal environment and immune health. 

Digest Basic - Digestive enzymes are a nutritionist’s go-to for digestive issues.  They help to break down your food into the most digestible form so that your body can utilize it for energy.  This particular supplement packs a digestive punch for those struggling with digestive upset, bloating, acid reflux, GERD, burping, constipation, etc. 

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