April 3 - Chocolate for Vitality - [6:30 PM]

April 3 - Chocolate for Vitality - [6:30 PM]

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This one’s for all the chocolate lovers ready for an opportunity to choose chocolate!
Ever wonder what some of the health-based reasons are to say YES to chocolate? Want to incorporate this superfood into your diet in ways you can feel good about? This is the class for you. We’ll dive into the world of chocolate and what it is fortifying, nourishing and supporting in your body and then we’ll enjoy several chocolatey goodness foods.
  • Ceremonial cacao sipping
  • Energizing chocolate cups
  • Nourishing decadent brownies

About your Instructor:

Natasha from Wild Feather Medicinals started on her path of rewilding for her own family - feeding and nourishing their bellies in a way that was healing and connected to the sacred rhythms of nature. With broth, cider, teas and ancient foods she connected to the wisdom of real food…and she has been sharing her learnings with all she can. She now offers a variety of foods that are rich in wisdom as well as wild.

Location and other details:

  • In person: 3575 Bankhead Road, Loomis CA
  • Please note there are no refunds or exchanges for classes. Review the full policy when signing up.
  • Kids age 12 and above are welcome with their own ticket and accompanied by an adult.