April 12 - Sauerkraut [6:30 PM]

April 12 - Sauerkraut [6:30 PM]

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Dive into the world of fermentation with our two-hour Sauerkraut Crafting Workshop! Discover the age-old art of transforming fresh cabbage into tangy, probiotic-rich sauerkraut. Led by our instructor, you'll learn the essential techniques, from selecting the finest ingredients to mastering the art of fermentation. This hands-on class will guide you through the step-by-step process of chopping, salting, and packing your own batch of sauerkraut. Gain insights into the health benefits of fermentation and explore creative flavor variations to customize your kraut. By the end of the class, you'll leave with a jar of your own homemade sauerkraut (in a quart mason jar fitted with a glass fermentation weight and topped with an unbleached coffee filter and jar ring) ready to add a burst of flavor to your meals. Join us and embark on a journey of culinary discovery with the simplicity and joy of crafting your own probiotic masterpiece!

About your instructor: Nadia Granchukoff loves all things food and food projects. When her husband got sick and needed a change, she did a deep dive into what was actually in the “food” they were eating. After making big changes she realized that food can be the greatest medicine. Join her as she shares her favorite recipes and approach to clean eating.

Location and other details:

  • In person: 3575 Bankhead Road, Loomis CA
  • Please note there are no refunds or exchanges for classes. Review the full policy when signing up.
  • Kids age 12 and above are welcome with their own ticket and accompanied by an adult.